Help, I need a TEMP!

Do you ever got so bogged down with the small stuff that you can’t get on with the more strategic elements of your role?

Is it the best use of your time to be doing the filing, digital marketing updates, database updates or just answering the phone which you find yourself doing on a regular basis?

If you want to keep headcount down and just need to free up a few hours/days a week it’s an excellent idea to get a temp in.

Specialised Expertise?

If you have a specific task or project that needs doing, why not book a temp with the exact skills you need? Project Manager/Sales/Accounts or Marketing professionals are readily available to help.

By nature, temporary work is flexible on both sides.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for a day, a week or on an ongoing basis.  Some employees prefer the flexibility of “temping” and we have some top notch candidates in the temporary market at the moment. 

Here at PurplePower, we are expert at matching your requirements to your perfect temp, working the right time pattern for you and your business, quickly and efficiently.

We manage the temp from start to finish and they are on our books. We will payroll them and just charge you weekly for hours worked.

It’s quick, it’s easy.

Click here and call your local number to book a temp.


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